TC Setup Wheels

The Setup Wheels (4 pieces in the set) especially for touring cars, are made of carbon. In the middle is a Ø4mm hole for the standard wheel axles and the outer Ø is 62mm. The classic 12mm hexagonal recess is milled into the back. There is a chamfer around to reduce the surface area for a better setup result.

To give the useful, but mostly boring looking tool a look, there is a standard TRR or the individual version. Either only your own initials or something else if you wish.

The Setup Wheels are also very well suited as coffee coasters in the office or at the next standing party for beer bottles or long drinks. So this is really a useful all-rounder for job, hobby and parties . . .

available versions :

  • TouringCar Setup Wheels , TRR , Ø62mm
  • TouringCar Setup Wheels , Custom, Ø62mm
  • TouringCar Setup Wheels – M-Chassis Style , TRR , Ø53,5mm
  • TouringCar Setup Wheels – M-Chassis Style , Custom , Ø53,5mm
Frontside with TRR
Backside with 12mm hexagonal milled recess
Frontside with personal Initals