TC Setup Wheels

The Setup Wheels (4 pieces in the set) especially for touring cars, are made of carbon. In the middle is a Ø4mm hole for the standard wheel axles and the outer Ø is 62mm. The classic 12mm hexagonal recess is milled into the back. There is a chamfer around to reduce the surface area for […]

Associated 10R5.1 235mm Vlink Conversion Kit (2015)

The “extended” version of the Pro10 based on the 10R5. 1 and the Conversion Kit from 2014 was only extended by a VLink system. This system removes the classic PivotBall suspension between the PowerPod and the Main Chassis. The Vlink allows to set the roll centre very low, which is a great advantage on slippery […]

Associated 10R5.1 Narrow 200mm Conversion Kit (2015)

After the widening up to 235mm was a indoor carpet chassis in the focus. The chassis plate should be as narrow as possible, because only a 2 cell shortpack or a 1S lipo should be used. So the ESC could placed in front or behind ot the battery. With the narrow shape, the sidelinks on […]

Associated 10R5.1 235mm Conversion Kit (2014)

From the Beginning I wanna have a Pro10 (235mm) for my own. This Whish I implemented with the Team Associated 10R5.1 (#8022). The focus was to use the origin parts as possible but not to renounce of stability. With that, the PowerPod was completly revised and gets in addition of a largely dimensioned upper pod […]