Associated 10R5.1 235mm Vlink Conversion Kit (2015)

The “extended” version of the Pro10 based on the 10R5. 1 and the Conversion Kit from 2014 was only extended by a VLink system. This system removes the classic PivotBall suspension between the PowerPod and the Main Chassis.

The Vlink allows to set the roll centre very low, which is a great advantage on slippery asphalt stretches. The system also works tweak-free! and is known from the VIP performance Vorlon or VTE, which is also used here in this conversion.

The small disadvantage is, that due its design it needs a little more space than a conventional suspension and with the more massive components it adds a few grams to the scale.

For me it is a useful extension and based on the first 235mm Conversion Kit with 2.. 3.. smaller changes >  in comparison to the first Conversion (Version 2014)  the Main chassis must be exchanged for the revised VL version, also the Lower PodPlate. The Wings (tube support) were also adapted on the VLink parts.


  • Wheelbase : 256mm
  • Width Front : 214mm
  • Width Rear: 235mm

The origin 10R5.1 Frontbumper could replaced with the wide Front Wing, optionally. This generates more downforce on the front axle, with that more steering. My recommendation in Pro10 would be to replace the central damper with a touring car damper. The tubes in the Vlink version are replaced with dampers. My choice fell on the HSP2 Shocks from  the company Silva Concept in connection with the VCS springs.

The components for the conversion. If someone calls the first conversion as his own, only needs the main chassis VL, the lower pod plate VL and the wings VL + additionally (if not available) a longer rear axle (IRS 2101 Graphite Pro Axle) and a longer drive hub (IRS 2121BL DriveHub blue).