Associated 10R5.1 235mm Conversion Kit (2014)

From the Beginning I wanna have a Pro10 (235mm) for my own. This Whish I implemented with the Team Associated 10R5.1 (#8022). The focus was to use the origin parts as possible but not to renounce of stability.

With that, the PowerPod was completly revised and gets in addition of a largely dimensioned upper pod plate two additional aluminum supports. The rear end is now more stability and could also use for powerfull motors.

The Front End widened about 14mm and gets an addional brace between the Front Axles Blocks . The Width maybe could varried according to different rim producer.

To use the Conversion Kit it needs some components like a longer rear axle, a long drive hub and one pair longer steering rods (or using longer ball joints). Thats it!


  • Wheelbase : 256mm
  • Width Front : 214mm
  • Width Rear: 235mm

the Parts for the Conversion. Additional required a  longer  Rear-Axle  (IRS 2101 Graphite Pro Axle) and a longer Drive Hub (IRS 2121BL DriveHub blue)