Associated 10R5.1 Narrow 200mm Conversion Kit (2015)

After the widening up to 235mm was a indoor carpet chassis in the focus. The chassis plate should be as narrow as possible, because only a 2 cell shortpack or a 1S lipo should be used. So the ESC could placed in front or behind ot the battery.

With the narrow shape, the sidelinks on chassis sided could to be suspended, which brought two advantages. On the one hand it was possible to really reduce the chassis width to the necessary width (battery width + a few mm of lateral overhang) and the hanging sidelink were good for the ground clearance. At the beginning of 2015, the arrangement of the sidelinks was still rather an exception, which today (2018) is already standard for many other manufacturers

Also a little bit experimentally to have more options for mounting the sidelinks in different angles. Standard is nearly in parallel with the chassis. With the layout the sidelinks could be adjusted in V-shaped.

Anordnung Seitenlinks

  • |  | nearly parallel Mount like in the original
  • \ / V-shaped Mount in driving direction “closing” with assembly on the chassis
  • / \ V-shaped Mount in driving direction “opening” as a hanging assembly with optional podplate


  • ESC behind/ Lipo in Front
    • Battery Mount with Tape in combination with the “AE-PC0027 Lipo Front Rail”
    • please combine the Associated #4699 Lipo StandOff in combination with the supplied hexagonal StandOff
  • ESC in Front / Lipo behind
    • Battery Mount with Tape for using the “AE-PC0026 Wing Sidelink”
    • “AE-PC0027 Lipo Front Rail” are not required, the original Associated #8535 drivers StandOff can be used as well.


  • Wheelbase : 256mm
  • Width Front : 195mm
  • Width Rear : 198mm

The front end is upgradeabel with the optionally available front axle brace. In addition, the front bumper (which consists of a 2-piece carbon part and a POM protection), as well as the modified wings (tube supports) in the rear offers additional possibilities to place the body posts differently.

The basic package consists of the Main Chassis , holder for side links (2) like the battery mounts (2) + spare parts for the mounting